get a ropey

Before I left New York my lovely and wonderful roommate, Dena, gave me some hair products that weren't working for her. She favors a sleek and straight look while I am lazy and let my curly hair look like the pile of dried up tomato vines I cut out of the garden this morning.
UNTIL NOW! I have discovered the way to the ropey, lanky locks I've been searching for since my hair was long enough to look like a disaster.
Sally Hersheberger has the answer. I'm not the hugest fan of S.H. since I stopped going to her incredibly expensive, poorly lit and obnoxious salon on 14th Street. I couldn't handle it there. But I can handle this stuff! And it's under $20 which is so exciting (take that Frederic Fekkai!).
Even my mother comments on how good my hair looks these days.

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