It's a Wonderful Town

Hi Family,

My first trip back to New York since moving to LA has been like seeing an ex-boyfriend.
At first, I was excited and happy to see the town - there will always be a reason I was attracted in the first place, right?

Then it snowed and hailed on me for days.
And it took all my money.
And it made me work, a lot.
And I realize that perhaps I left him behind is because he doesn't really take good care of me.

I'm tired, though very well fed.
Last night we had three dinners -
we first stopped at The Spotted Pig for chicken liver on toast and haddock chowder made with a stick of butter.
Then to a cocktail party at a Venetian/Italian spot called Locanda Veneta - about 14 pigs were sacrificed to four obscene heaps of prosciutto and salami, unfortunately for somebody, the turnout was weak. Not unfortunately for me and my prosciutto-loving face.
Next we stopped by the Odeon for a post-dinner/appetizers. I had tea.
The office is big and bright, the people are nice, and the work is plentiful. My friends are all doing really well and I haven't bought one thing that wasn't edible. Tomorrow night we're going to a play and then we have to go to Boston and then, finally, we get to return to our sweet tree house at the intersection of calm and sunshine. I'm looking forward to it.

Miss you family. Sorry I don't have any pictures to send - but if you go look at a dirty wall in a public bathroom for a couple of minutes you'll know what New York is looking like right now.