I have a Lost problem

2.25 seasons in the last three days.
Thanks, blizzard.

Colors and the kids

Morris Lewis at The Phillips Collection
Helen Frankenthaler at The Phillips Collection
partners & spade

The Out of Towners

When the press interviews fashion designers
they always ask
about inspiration.
This season
for Fall 2010
more than a few designers are designing for
New Yorkers who want to get out of town, to escape, glamourously.

Vena Cava. Boy by Band of Outsiders. Mona Kowalska.
And plenty more. Just look.

The thought of leaving the city
is almost as good as being here.

Images all from style.com. Except the top one- that's celine.com.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

If it's at all possible to be any fonder of you.

You can't have any pudding!

Just reading other girls' blogs
and seeing what they do
to get some inspiration.
greedy girl likes to post pictures of shoes she wants.
so I'm going to do the same today.
These are from Oak
and a friend of mine has them
and I have a crush.
They remind me of these from Rag & Bone

Since work started up again
I've been thinking about clothes and shopping more often
and that's no good,
since I haven't really shopped since May!

Just Can't Say No

Today I wrote about
Coco Chanel
Sinclair Lewis
The Harlem Renaissance
The Lost Generation

You guessed it. The 1920s.

Now it's onto the 1930s.

Love this project.

making a plan

How hard can it be? Today there is no plan. Just more images.
jai alai and white shorts
amira casar
c. turlington by arthur elgort

cuba in the details, photo by Lilly Gallay

game plan

or not much of one. just pretty things today.
nina ricci

dries fall 09

isabelle huppert is it