Just a few more days...

Till we move into our adorable new Silverlake house!!!
Hopefully it will be as wonderful and cozy as this!

The Feast has moved

Moving back to LA from New York terrified me for a few reasons,
but one of the most dire was "there's nothing to eat in LA!!"

I am relieved to report that I was so wrong! I am loving it back here in LA.
We've gone exploring in Malibu (dead seal beach), eating thai food and mexican food and korean food, and sandwiches plus I've been cooking and cooking like it's my job. Perhaps it should be my job!

A list to prove the joys of LA in under a month of living here:

1. Lemons everywhere! I've made basil lemonade, lemon gelato, lemon pasta and lemon curd. Next on the list: madeleines (my favorite recipe). Another stroke of genius - take your homemade lemon curd and put it into your favorite plain yogurt and stir. Add some walnuts for texture...and delicious!!!

2. Thai food: I was lamenting the loss of proximity to Sripraphai in Queens...but then I remembered Jitlada! Their morning glory salad may not be as delicate as Sripraphais. Maybe the quality has gone down a bit with their popularity, but whatever! It's still delicious and spicy hot and slow burning and great.
Love their veggie red curry and the crying tiger beef salad. Mmm.

3. Korean food: this is a cuisine I thought I loved, but I don't.

4. The garden: tomatoes and strawberries, three types of basil, brussels sprouts and squashes, apples, oranges, lemons, and beets. Yes Yes Yes!

These pictures are not, unfortunately, of my own garden
but of the expansive gardens of a villa in Athens we stayed in this past spring.

get a ropey

Before I left New York my lovely and wonderful roommate, Dena, gave me some hair products that weren't working for her. She favors a sleek and straight look while I am lazy and let my curly hair look like the pile of dried up tomato vines I cut out of the garden this morning.
UNTIL NOW! I have discovered the way to the ropey, lanky locks I've been searching for since my hair was long enough to look like a disaster.
Sally Hersheberger has the answer. I'm not the hugest fan of S.H. since I stopped going to her incredibly expensive, poorly lit and obnoxious salon on 14th Street. I couldn't handle it there. But I can handle this stuff! And it's under $20 which is so exciting (take that Frederic Fekkai!).
Even my mother comments on how good my hair looks these days.

(Images from sallyhershberger.com)

beauty things

style.com has a great feature on beauty bloggers today.
Oh man I can't wait to go out and get some new products.
There are some really good ones in this list!!!
Check it out!

Hi Cate Blanchett, looking perfect as usual.

la la la los angeles

Back in LA it's time to reassess the wardrobe rules.
LA is faaaar more casual and laid back than New York,
as we all know.
So all my lovely silk dresses, black ensembles and lacy Mayle frocks are all a wee bit over the top.
I put something on and people ask if I'm going to court.
Here are some fun things from recent resort collections that will be perfect for la:

Vena Cava
Prouenza Schouler
Viva Vena by Vena Cava
Celine- color and movement!!

three sisters

Images from Woody Allen's 'Interiors.'
Between this and 'Hannah and her Sisters' he captures moments between trios of sisters that show this complicated and fraught relationship from very relatable angles. Especially if you have two sisters.

100th post

poppies in massachusetts.

coming back atcha

And we're back!
Have just packed up all few belongs we have and are moving back to California today.
Just up in Providence for a few days
Eating fried clams and pruning the roses and emailing under a 200 year old Japanese Beech tree.

Here's some things we've been up to: