The Feast has moved

Moving back to LA from New York terrified me for a few reasons,
but one of the most dire was "there's nothing to eat in LA!!"

I am relieved to report that I was so wrong! I am loving it back here in LA.
We've gone exploring in Malibu (dead seal beach), eating thai food and mexican food and korean food, and sandwiches plus I've been cooking and cooking like it's my job. Perhaps it should be my job!

A list to prove the joys of LA in under a month of living here:

1. Lemons everywhere! I've made basil lemonade, lemon gelato, lemon pasta and lemon curd. Next on the list: madeleines (my favorite recipe). Another stroke of genius - take your homemade lemon curd and put it into your favorite plain yogurt and stir. Add some walnuts for texture...and delicious!!!

2. Thai food: I was lamenting the loss of proximity to Sripraphai in Queens...but then I remembered Jitlada! Their morning glory salad may not be as delicate as Sripraphais. Maybe the quality has gone down a bit with their popularity, but whatever! It's still delicious and spicy hot and slow burning and great.
Love their veggie red curry and the crying tiger beef salad. Mmm.

3. Korean food: this is a cuisine I thought I loved, but I don't.

4. The garden: tomatoes and strawberries, three types of basil, brussels sprouts and squashes, apples, oranges, lemons, and beets. Yes Yes Yes!

These pictures are not, unfortunately, of my own garden
but of the expansive gardens of a villa in Athens we stayed in this past spring.

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