yikes stripes

Doesn't this collage from vogue.com depicting this seasons bold strips thing
remind you of this Sean Scully from the Modern Fort Worth collection

and all the rest of them from my previous post on Sean Scully?

Dries and Rochas

My two absolute favorite collections (sorry, Miuch)
can't wait to discuss.
Rochas is an A+! I looooove Zanini and am newly obsessed with his
spectacular sister.
Head scarves!
I love Mark Holgate's review on vogue.com.
Will write more later.

Zanini's sister and muse, Miki. Love her. Who is she??

such a tassle

prediction: tassle necklaces will be everywhere.
Oscar de la Renta, Vena Cava, and...someone else I can't recall.
All have them on their runway.
What's with the tassle?

I am waiting

I am just tired right now,
but feel like writing something down.
These are things I like at the very moment.

Nan Kempner's debutante gown.
Boxing art.
Anita Berber. She was so skinny because she was on drugs and died at 29. But she is certainly iconic now.
Models of my childhood, muted colors, fall is coming but the leaves don't change in California.
And of course the simplicity of this magazine cover makes me eternally happy.
One headline, one model, beautiful and simple and elegant and calm.
I don't know yet what I think of next season's fashions. I kind of don't care, it's all kind of dull to me, except the Vena Cava, the Proenza, and I'm waiting for the Prada, the Dries, the Isabel Marant, and more street pictures from Paris. That's what is exciting to me. These are people who always do wonderful things that predict the future. Of what we are going to wear, which is a secure feeling. But I think what I love most of all of these designers is the colors they choose. The neons of PS, the orange and chartreuse of Vena Cava, the reds and browns of Prada, and the purples, greens, pinks, and again orange of Dries Van Noten. And Isabel, well I just like to watch the feeding frenzy. She's a master at creating that. As is my former employer Jane Mayle who's opening up a pop up any day now, and the blogs are already wagging. I can sense that the Mayleophiles (Maylentologists?) are starting to feel that familiar lurch but that it's now accompanied by a subtle choke. They worked hard on releasing their obsessions and funneling those dollars on new, other designers, but now JM is popping back up with expensive frocks and shoes by Sigerson Morrison. I personally am feeling excitement and also a sense that I kind of want to stay out of the whole thing. But, if she does do another wool trench coat like the one I missed in those final days, I will bite.
And, for the finale, this watch from OK. I've always had a crush on it.

And the lyrics to this song...can you help but sing it? So beautiful and calming.

(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

I am waiting, I am waiting (all year, all year)
I am waiting, I am waiting (all year, all year)
Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere
Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere

You can't hold out, you can't hold out
all year, all year
You can't hold out, you can't hold out
all year, all year
Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere
Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere

See it come along and
don't know where it's from
Oh, yes you will find out

Well, it happens all the time
It's censored from our minds
You'll find out

Slow or fast, slow or fast
all year, all year
End at last, end at last
all year, all year
Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere
Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere

Stand up coming years
and escalation fears
Oh, yes we will find out

Well, like a WINTER STORM
Fears will pierce your bones
You'll find out

Oh we're waiting, oh we're waiting
all year, all year
Oh we're waiting, oh we're waiting
all year, all year
Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere
Waiting for someone to come out of somewhere

Oh we're waiting, oh we're waiting
Oh we're waiting, oh were waiting...


Ines de la Fressange was the Chanel model of the 80s.
She was in almost every campaign throughout that decade.
They should bring her back. I enjoy sophisticated models who are womanly and command respect, or whatever it is, rather than the stick figures rock star babies that are everywhere these days. Dree Hemingway? Give me a break. That girl needs to learn how to read.

Shalom, Christy Turlington, Kristen McMenamy were the Chanel models of the 90s.
These are the earliest Chanel ads I can remember. The red hair, the inception of my obsession with Shalom and little black dresses.

Vini Vidi Vena!

The colors are all my favorite colors,
especially the poppy red,
and the head wraps are soon going to be everywhere,
just wait and see.
The new textures and materials they are working with
make me happy - linen, net, and whatever silk that dress above is made of.
The ease and simplicity of this collection
harkens to the early days of VC,
when they were pulling these
seemingly randomly out of the air
and creating completely new things
that influence fashion so much
but their inception, their VC beginnings,
are rarely acknowledged.
These are girls who have more power than anyone may realize.
This top is a redo, I think, of something they made in one of their earliest collections,
with a zipper all the way up the back,
and a gorgeous abbreviated scoop neck.
I love this version.
My mother lusts over this shirt so much
that I gave it to her.
And, I'm hoping these are the pants I've been begging them to make again!
I think they might be!!!
Another item my mother and I both wear and cherish,
and that is what makes Vena Cava so awesome,
is that mothers and daughters and sisters and friends
all kinds of women
can wear their clothes-
though it's true they do cut for a certain body type,
which makes sense-
however, their collections usually strive for an ageless quality
that steers clear of trends and moments,
and inspires people to read more and take better care of the clothes they have
for these are clothes and ideas that will last a lifetime.
I have VC pieces that are from their very first collection
that I still wear
that still get me stopped on the street.
I wish I had this one dress from their first collaboration post-Parsons,
the one Sophie lent me for her graduation party.
I have a polaroid of it.
A knit sheath, long sleeves, high neck, black with brown strips of fabric sewn on
like armour or stained glass.
I would still wear that dress.
I think she sewed it herself.
New show collab with 10over6.
I love the thirties/forties, Kate Hepburn post tennis vibe.
And these yellow killers. Love a yellow sandal!

La la la love it!

Perfect hem to shoe angles.
Simple tribalish prints that remind me of Sophie's mom's couch.
Love this material, like I said.
What is it? Whatever it is it shall have a home in my closet.
I'm buying a new hanger today.
Huge fan of the coral lip. My favorite is Lipstick Queen Coral Sinner.
According to vogue.com the makeup is this:
ON LIPS: M.A.C. Morange and Neon Orange lipstick. “We tried red and brown first, but that coral orange just felt right,” says McCulloch, who blended the shades together before pressing them onto the lip with his fingertip.

Awesome jewelry by Heather Kosch for Vena Cava
Perfect white linen jacket. Shall be my first suit?
I love this material. Reminds me of Fortuny.
Hello yellow!
I've been wanting this skirt for so long.
Tucker did a similarish version of a flowing silk skirt to the mid calf,
very seventies and great.
A non-purchased regret that shall be remedied.

Images lifted mostly from vogue.com.

painting is fun

Why do I feel bummed that I missed not one but two tornadoes?
New York I love you!

PS=ProeSchou=Proenza Schouler=Something I never thought I'd love so much

Just looking at Proenza Schouler's new collection.
My passion for their clothes has been increasing incrementally since
that first pair of outrageous patent leather bondage andwood wedge platforms
I scored at the Barneys sale a few years back.
But like an IDIOT I think I sold them at Ina. Dumb.
in the style.com review the boys claim they say,
but I find it quite inspired, and inspiring and exciting.
From the embroidery and lace, to colors and unusual jackets.
And the shoes.
They remind me of my beloved Dries Fall 2009.
With the python. Remember?
Mona Moore had a last pair on sale!
But, alas, they were 5.5s. It's better that way, really.
This dress feels very Audrey (AH).
I love the big pocket.
You again! I love you!
This coat would have knocked my socks off, were I wearing socks.
The color, and it's some kind of lizard.
I feel terrible for liking things made of lizards.
I don't feel bad about things made of fur so much,
but for some reason I'm sensitive about the lizard.

What the hell is this?? Do I love it or hate it?
I think if I must ask that question then I must love it, simply because it makes me ask that question. The ruffles, hooks & eyes, the black and white with a touch of yellow.
I feel like I kind of want to get married in this dress,
except only more flattering.
I love the brown and gray bag.
This look made me feel like Balenciaga set free of all its French uptightness.
Like Nicholas Ghesquiere has left the room and all the ladies can breathe.
(By the way, I spelled that name on the first try!)
What the hell is this?!?!? This is the opposite of that thing you see and say,
"Why would I pay $2000 on something like this when I could make it at home?"
What embroideries!
If embroidery be the food of love, play on!Merci!
I couldn't quite wrap myself around this look. The pink jacket looks thrown on, or just...
I don't know. I like how there is no jacket like this out on the street right now.
But there should be and I think I should have it.
I feel like I wouldn't know how to wear a jacket like this.
And at the end more of this beautiful fabric,
and pretty pretty colors
and unusual shapes
and very PS!

And, lastly, the hair.
(Is anyone else getting frustrated with Blogger's bugginess? Why is this underlined?)
The hair is exactly how I like to wear my hair:
sloppy, parted on the side, except done much much better.

All images courtesy vogue.com