Dream Set - My Covers Album

The King and I.

I have always had a secret playlist of songs that I want to eventually make into a covers album a la Cat Power, and all those other cover albums. Here is my current dream song list, an edited version:

1. Strangers by The Kinks (featured in "The Darjeeling Limited")
2. How Deep is Your Love by the Bee Gees (don't knock it!)
3. Heart of Chambers by Beach House
4. Daniel by Elton John
5. One by Harry Nilsson Beechwood Park by The Zombies
6. Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon
7. I'm So Tired by Fugazi
8. Don't Give Up On Me by Solomon Burke In the Evening, as sung by Karen Dalton with clarinet by Woody Allen (In fact a whole other cover album would just be Karen Dalton's 'It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going to Love You the Best)
9. Going to California by Led Zeppelin
10. Misty by Ella Fitzgerald
11. Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum
12. Please, Please, Please by James Brown
13. Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks
14. Brain Damage by Pink Floyd
15. On the Street Where you Live by My Fair Lady

After Laughter would be on it (by Wendy Rene) but when I heard Sasha Spielberg belt it out with her band Wardell, I decided this is just a really really good song for other people to sing. Like, people who can really sing. Not just car sing. (I'm the love child of Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin in the car. I don't play for strangers though, sorry.)

What would be on your covers album?

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