scrap book

some things I've pulled out of the internet recently-ish.

holly hunter and anna paquin from jane campion's the piano. One of my favorite movies, and directors. Harvey Keitel is crazy hot in this movie, with all the tattoos. If I were to ever fill out one of those questionaires that asks me what is my favorite cinematic sex scene it would be this entire movie. And I love the music, and I love her wooden finger, and I love the fairy wings on the little girls, and I love the image of the piano sucking her down into the ocean.

Speaking of wooden fingers and hot, unrequited love...Margot Tenenbaum.

Rodarte for Knoll fabrics are my current textile obsession.

pencil puzzle vie that everything is organized blog.

Ben Jones loves Popples.

shapes on the outside.

Outdoor Rug.

Eye Mask.

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Thisishollywood said...

Good place to be. You can see examples of them being used in all sorts of ways on YouTube.

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