Starts and ends in the same breath.

The seventies trend is now over.
Fashion show month is coming to a close,
and there are so many things to remember for next spring
fashion wise.
Color, no color. 70s, 90s. etc etc.

I predict the next things on the runways will be
our father's clothes.
per Dries van Noten.
Big body con backlash
slouchy Anna Karina sweaters
lightweight wide and low pants
le smoking
etc etc etc.

The seventies are over. Long live the seventies.
Sorry Marc Jacobs.
In my opinion, it's Dries always leading the pack.
I must admit this S11 collection of DVN wasn't my favorite
it felt a little all over the place
and I hate his colors
but I like the slouchiness of it.
And come to think of it,
very similar to ideas in Celine,
though Phoebe Philo seems quite rigid in her style.
I admire the change she's bringing to the ladies of fashion
who were clearly starving for a change from the rocknroll Wang/Balmain look.
And thank god for Phoebe for coming on the scene so strongly.
I was counting the minutes till the Wang look took its last gasp.
So now we are in a camel dream
and headed towards a looser aesthetic,
which makes me happy.
For a season we will have 70s
and Diane Keaton
whom every girl worth her necktie worships.
But then it will evolve into a looser, more laidback look.
Maybe California is getting to me.
I wear my Clu sweatpants a lot these days
as they pass for cigarette pants quite well
and no one can tell that they are actually made of sweatshirt material.
Love that.

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