PS=ProeSchou=Proenza Schouler=Something I never thought I'd love so much

Just looking at Proenza Schouler's new collection.
My passion for their clothes has been increasing incrementally since
that first pair of outrageous patent leather bondage andwood wedge platforms
I scored at the Barneys sale a few years back.
But like an IDIOT I think I sold them at Ina. Dumb.
in the review the boys claim they say,
but I find it quite inspired, and inspiring and exciting.
From the embroidery and lace, to colors and unusual jackets.
And the shoes.
They remind me of my beloved Dries Fall 2009.
With the python. Remember?
Mona Moore had a last pair on sale!
But, alas, they were 5.5s. It's better that way, really.
This dress feels very Audrey (AH).
I love the big pocket.
You again! I love you!
This coat would have knocked my socks off, were I wearing socks.
The color, and it's some kind of lizard.
I feel terrible for liking things made of lizards.
I don't feel bad about things made of fur so much,
but for some reason I'm sensitive about the lizard.

What the hell is this?? Do I love it or hate it?
I think if I must ask that question then I must love it, simply because it makes me ask that question. The ruffles, hooks & eyes, the black and white with a touch of yellow.
I feel like I kind of want to get married in this dress,
except only more flattering.
I love the brown and gray bag.
This look made me feel like Balenciaga set free of all its French uptightness.
Like Nicholas Ghesquiere has left the room and all the ladies can breathe.
(By the way, I spelled that name on the first try!)
What the hell is this?!?!? This is the opposite of that thing you see and say,
"Why would I pay $2000 on something like this when I could make it at home?"
What embroideries!
If embroidery be the food of love, play on!Merci!
I couldn't quite wrap myself around this look. The pink jacket looks thrown on, or just...
I don't know. I like how there is no jacket like this out on the street right now.
But there should be and I think I should have it.
I feel like I wouldn't know how to wear a jacket like this.
And at the end more of this beautiful fabric,
and pretty pretty colors
and unusual shapes
and very PS!

And, lastly, the hair.
(Is anyone else getting frustrated with Blogger's bugginess? Why is this underlined?)
The hair is exactly how I like to wear my hair:
sloppy, parted on the side, except done much much better.

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