didn't buy...

When I am sick in bed a fun way to pass the time is to look at every shoe on eBay that is a) made in Italy and 2) Either 8.5, 9, or 9.5. Dries Van Noten...Prada...Sigerson Morrison...miu miu...vintage...and then put these items on my watch list and let every single one of them go bye. Each one is both a tiny victory and a salted paper cut.
Let's take a look at what I found, shall we. Fun!
Por ejemplo: the perfect Prada loafer. Nope. Did not bid!
They are too high, they are too beige, they are vintagey looking and have some kind of odd metal thing up the heel...but I love them. I can't explain it.
Comey. C'mon!! They're this season!!
These are the white version of my favorite sandals that I've had for four years and have all but shredded up. Do I?
Please kill me.

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