A Year on Elizabeth Street

I have always had this feeling that I was going in the wrong direction, but I kept going that way because it came so easily. Things came to me and I liked them enough to accept them, and life was good. Great even.
I was working in advertising as a creative headhunter for three years. I was good at the job, really good. I found jobs for a lot of people and made my clients (and my bosses) happy. I worked hard and earned good money and was content. Until one day I wasn't content and I stayed that way for six months every day imagining throwing myself out of the 12th story window. I desperately needed change and something different and movement and learning. In short, inspiration to keep living.
Then a new friend (who is now as close as a sister to me) called and said that Jane Mayle needed someone to run her shop on Elizabeth Street in Soho (nolita for the nitpickers). It was what I was waiting for - I thought I wanted to work in fashion, for a local designer, and have more responsibility. I have loved Mayle clothing since I discovered it for myself but never allowed myself to go into the store - it was just too crazy expensive!! (I don't really believe in paying retail prices these days.)
I met Jane and it clicked, I got the job, resigned from advertising, and changed my path and my life. I had great hours - 10/11 am till 8 ish 5-6 days a week - I loved the flexibility and the later mornings. I worked with adorable and hard working girls who took pride in their job. And Jane was brilliant. She taught me so much. I don't think it's a place that exists or could exist anywhere.
Mayle was a store and a clothing collection designed by Jane Mayle, someone with complete freedom and access to her creativity (in my opinion). She was a master at creating desire and frenzy, though it could have had something to do with the limited access and time that the shop would remain open - when I was hired I was told the company would end sometime in the spring.
Things I learned from Jane Mayle: how to create a beautiful and special retail space by filling it with personal items and changing it often, being exact and specific about what you want and where you want it...it doesn't seem like much but I think about her often. I hope she is well and happy and I hope she knows how grateful I am to have worked with her.

I'm now onto the next phase of my life trying to synthesize my experiences in fashion and advertising with my goals/dreams of writing/creative directing/cheese. I'm working on it and this blog is going to help me discover my own spirit and how I can help myself and the world in a meaningful and loving way. I'm not sure how yet but it will happen.

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