A Detacher for Spring

dirty pink

wallpaper leggings
dirty pink (I have a thing...)
la mona

Just went to A Detacher and went a bit nuts trying things on...
love her collection this season- just my colors!! She said it's her "eastern european" collection-
Roumania etc. The blue floral she uses is my favorite blue floral so far. That dress is amazing on, esp. with a dark brown leather belt.
I am in love with the pale pink and am strongly considering the silk skirt. It's very lingerie-y which makes me hesitate but I love the color and if I can figure out a way to improvise my own Dries-ish oversized orange sweatshirt, then I have an outfit for spring that I'd wear daily.

I also like the pale pink lipstick the girls have on. I'm always inspired by her makeup choices - the army green nailpolish from a few seasons ago led me to some good colors over at Rescue beauty, for instance.
Now to find a good pink for me and figure out how to conjure up the perfect orange sweater/sweatshirt...and a good fabric to recover my couch in. I'm thinking of you, poppy red/orange!!

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