Conversation with Cathy

I truly love Cathy Horyn. I don't always agree with her, but I do love her style and how she can write about fashion intelligently and humorously. Today her blog talks about how thin and boring magazines have gotten, and a pretty good forum of comments has followed suit. The Times does have excellent fashion coverage and while it's not a magazine, per se, it mostly satisfies the need for the good/great fashion magazine experience that died along with Liz Tilberis. Cathy's entry was too brief and could have said a lot more about the dumbing down and ad-ing up of magazines, but the comments are quite good - especially the guy that calls out the smaller, artsier books for being overpriced and seriously pretentious. I don't think there really is a fashion magazine that I love any longer. Not Self Service, definitely not Lula...I can't even think of anything else! Wait!! Acne Paper- that's the ticket!!! The Best!!
Created around one central idea twice a year, the editors of Acne Paper take the time to get things just right. It's definitely worth the wait and each issue is like opening up a gift. Each time you revisit one of these Acne Paper's - copies which I've had for years and still tear out and read and love - I find something new to be excited about. And isn't being excited about something just one of the best feelings?

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