Making the most of the summer days.
This week included an exploration of Block Island, RI on a borrowed bike.
For a small island you can really work up an appetite biking back and forth.

New England seems similar to California in it's laid back style.
No one seems to mind much of anything,
or perhaps we're all just on holiday.
There is an appreciation for the outdoors that I don't experience when I'm in California,
it's not something that's taken for granted as much.
I like New England style. I've been wearing moccasins every day.
Though I think that harkens back to the days when my hippy older sister accused me of being preppy, and got me The Preppy Handbook for Christmas one year.
Thanks. It came in handy.

I said I wouldn't leave the island until I heard a rooster crow.
I got my wish when our bikes cruised upon Ol' McDonald's Farm.

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